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 Smoked416... The Introduction

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PostSubject: Smoked416... The Introduction   Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:21 am

Hey guys my names Dan I live in Toronto and ive just recently turned 20 and ive been gaming for as long as i can remember. The first time i got hooked on a video game was wolfenstein 3d in 1994 when i was only five which my dad brought home for me. Since then ive gotten into the unreal tournament series, starcraft, warcraft series, the battlefields series, rtcw and et, was well as counterstrike and many more. From about when i was 15-17 i played counter-strike competitively going around Ontario to different events which were hosting tournaments. In those years ive had to have won at least 500$ in merchandise and prises. I took one year off so i could considerate on my last year of high school cause my parents got on my case that i was addicted and rotting my brain lmfao! Anyways from there i got into paint balling, snowboarding and freestyle mountain biking. I don't play as much as i used to but i still like to get some frags whenever i have some free time. I'm currently in the middle of getting a degree in network administration and enjoy what i'm doing. I currently work for coca-cola in distribution and have been putting in 50 hours weeks so its been hard for me to come on as long as i would like.

Hopefully ill get to meet the new members of the team soon and we can rip it up.
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Smoked416... The Introduction
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