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 !nsane Application

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PostSubject: !nsane Application   Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:07 pm

2.What games you play that you can be in this clan for?-Call Of Duty World At War
3.Why you want to join?-Because It Looks LIke A Good Clan
4.If you got invited, who invted you?-No One
5.How longs do you think you will be in this clan?-Forever
6.Do you think you will be a donator for the clan?-No Sorry
7.Have you ever been in a clan before?-Yes
8.Do you have any computer knowledge? If so add it.
9.Do you have a mic?-Yes
10.Do you have X-Fire?-Yes
11.Do you have Teamspeak?-Yes
12.Did you make a Gametracker account?-Yes
13.Did you read the member rules and server rules?-Yes
14.[ETQW people only] Did you make a splatterladder account yet?-I Do Not Have ETQW
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PostSubject: Re: !nsane Application   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:05 pm

Alright, I Will add you to the roster.. Welcome to the clan bro.. Enjoy.. Your tags with be EF-R ... Do not change your name yet since I have not told you how.. Unless you want from 0.. Your name will be Insane-EF with the tags Cdt.

Unicron: I have summoned you here for a purpose.
Megatron: Nobody summons Megatron.
Unicron: Then it pleases me to be the first.
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!nsane Application
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