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  New Research Study Reveals 10 Niche Creation Secrets That Build Wealth - From Scratch

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PostSubject: New Research Study Reveals 10 Niche Creation Secrets That Build Wealth - From Scratch   Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:19 am

Niche finding techniques continue to develop harder as the marketplace grows more crowded. According to new 5 year research report by RJP Research. Now a new trend continues to emerge that has an a lot more dependable and consistent track record.

Here's 10 samples based on the 5 years study listed in alphabetical order:

1. Commandment of Adaptation

It's looking at what yet another productive business is doing and finding an approach to adapt prosperous features. If an notion functions in a single business or industry, the subsequent step is for a business in yet another industry to see if they can adapt it.

2. Commandment of Addition

The words much more, extra, enriched, thicker, richer, stronger and other like words are small examples of the principle of addition. For example, walking down the isle of any local supermarket reveals this principle at operate. Over 80% of products contain no less than one element that includes this principle.

3. Commandment of Combination

What positive traits may be combined from one more item or service to create it superior? A famous candy bar did it with simple peanut butter and chocolate.

4. Commandment of Customization

In this cookie-cutter, 1 size fits all globe, finding a technique to customize or give the personal touch that means so very much can make a powerful niche.

5. Commandment of Easier

Can an item be produced easier to get, maintain, use or repair? If so, this can generate several additional sales.

6. Commandment of Elimination

A lot of people today won't only pay for what's in a product, but what's not in it. For example, no sugar, no salt, no fat, etc.

7. Commandment of Enlargement

If what you're selling has a loyal customer following? Then it's a good bet there's a percentage of shoppers who would like even more of what you are marketing. Attempt super-sizing something.

8. Commandment of Entertainment

Finding approaches to amuse or fascinate individuals before or after they buy a can separate it from competitors.

9. Commandment of Longevity

Attempt creating some aspect of what you sell last longer than the competition. People today pay extra for purchases that last longer.

10. Commandment of Portability

Can consumers use what you sell in more than one location? Or is there a way to take it to clients instead of them having to come to you?

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New Research Study Reveals 10 Niche Creation Secrets That Build Wealth - From Scratch
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