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  Why PC Based CCTV DVRs Are Better Than A Stand Alone DVR

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PostSubject: Why PC Based CCTV DVRs Are Better Than A Stand Alone DVR   Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:19 am

Modern security camera DVRs are available in two basic models: a PC-based DVR and a stand alone DVR. A PC-based DVR is a windows based personal computer with a DVR card installed in it, which converts the PC into an integrated DVR system. A stand-alone DVR looks like a VCR but is really a trimmed down computer running on Linux or a proprietary operating system intended to function as a digital video recorder.

PC-based DVR.
A PC-based DVR contains all the common components of a personal computer (CPU, hard drive, motherboard, power supply and memory), but also has a DVR capture card installed. This card captures the footage from the cameras and functions with the DVR software, delivering the desired DVR capabilities: camera controls, camera display, video compression, video storage, recording and playback functions. PC based DVRs provide smoother playback and higher quality recording capabilities, due to the greater resources available in a PC. These units are available as kits which you install on your PC. You can also buy systems custom built with all the functionality you need for your security camera system.

Stand alone DVR.
A stand alone DVR has many of the same physical components as a PC, but is more condensed (therefore limiting performance and processing power). These also have the standard DVR features but their capabilities are fixed when it leaves the factory, it's nearly impossible to upgrade the hardware of one of these units. You can't upgrade the CPU, add more ram or add more video channels.

PC-based VS Stand-alone DVRs.
Generally, PC-based DVRs have more advanced features than stand-alone models. Part of their strength comes from their processing power compared to standalone security DVR systems, giving them the ability to process images faster and better. PC Based DVR systems are also better suited for upgrades and systems expansion to support multiple hard drives and multiple capture cards to support large amounts of cameras. Because of this they are much more flexible in there application when compared to stand-alone DVRs. A stand-alone DVRs performance and functionality remain basically the same throughout it's life.

Some other aspects worth comparing are listed below:

Ease of use: A PC-based DVR is a more familiar platform to operate. Since it's built around a standard windows based PC, most users are already acquainted with it's interface. However, with stand-alone DVRs you'll need to learn an entirely new machine and interface. their design is usually unique to that particular model.

Sophisticated characteristics: The PC-based DVR has superior advanced features such as a better selection of playback programs, improved monitor options, improved motion detection facilities, internet viability, easily attachable hard drives, it can work with IP cameras (as well as analog cameras) and you get an advanced fully functional computer.

Real world application: The PC-based ones can accommodate up to 32 and more cameras can be added after the install is complete. Therefore they are ideal for installations of all sizes, from a small homes or businesses to large industrial parks, movie theaters, departmental stores or hospitals. On the other hand, the stand-alone DVRs come with a maximum of 16 video inputs and are fixed at the amount of inputs that it's purchased with.

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Why PC Based CCTV DVRs Are Better Than A Stand Alone DVR
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