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  The Mimo Newsgroup Reader

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PostSubject: The Mimo Newsgroup Reader   Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:23 am

Mimo is an offering from Golden Frog and Giganews that offers a way to browse the Usenet that may appeal to a lot of users. It is based on Java. This means that it's cross-platform. Early reviews report that it works fine on the major systems but that Linux and WINE are not fully supported as of yet. This reader is included with Giganews.

The Mimo reader promises to offer a lot of features that users old and new will find interesting. The system is designed to offer fast downloads and, for many people, this is an important part of the Usenet service. It's also capable of showing images right in the reader, which allows you to skip separate downloads for posts that contain these binaries. The reader is also provided with the Golden Frog Usenet search tool, a very powerful example of this technology. Golden Frog will look across different groups and can search for binaries based on subjects.

Mimo will also allow users to control their experience to a great extent. If you want to filter certain terms or materials out of your Usenet browsing, the reader can accommodate that. It also includes tools that allow you to decompress binaries without going through the multiple steps usually required for this process. UnRAR and PAR technologies are both supported by this offering.

Some Usenet servers keep their articles up for a very long time. The Mimo reader is provided with search optimization for these types of servers. If you're going through a lot of different articles to find what you need, you won't be bereft of a way to search the oldest materials with this reader.

The Usenet system may be old but it's also unknown to a lot of people. If you're a new user of this service, Mimo is designed to make it intelligible for you. It's also very easy to set up. The interface for this product is surprisingly intuitive, especially for a newsgroup reader. If you have no experience at all with newsgroups and use this reader for your first experience, you'll find that there is plenty of help built into the design of the product. It makes browsing newsgroups intuitive enough that understanding the specifics will come with time and without you having to pour over information about how to use the service.

The Usenet newsgroups are some of the best sources of information out there. With 30 years of constant use, they've proven themselves a valued resource. There are always better ways to use resources, however, and this is the concept behind Mimo. This product can be downloaded from Giganews's site and should make browsing the newsgroups easy for anyone.

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The Mimo Newsgroup Reader
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