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  Best tips for the proper use of Joomla CMS

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PostSubject: Best tips for the proper use of Joomla CMS   Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:23 am

Joomla is one of the powerful and efficient Content Management Systems. It is an Open Source which is free to download and instal on the servers. It is being used all over the world in various government agencies, corporations and by individuals. This can be installed in seconds and is really secure, fast and reliable. For all the government websites, MNC's, to all small and Fortune 500 companies, Joomla provides a perfect, powerful, effective and efficient website solution. It provides the ability of contributing content to a website by multiple users and there can rapid and dynamic content creation. It stores the content in a database and even page assets like text and images. web pages are not created here and so they cannot be edited in HTML editor. But there is an option to edit the HTML content in the Body of the Joomla web page and even the content inside the custom module using HTML editor or Dreamweaver. So this can make us to create advanced and complex page layouts in addition to the available Joomla templates. In this way we can add flash elements, HTML or PHP or JavaScript code.

There are some online eBooks and videos which teach step by step about Joomla. For all the starters, the learning curve at the initial level appears to be steep. But a little patience and by joining various forums can seek help from other people around the world. This can really create an interest in the web building which is really enjoyable and this hobby can be turned into profession after getting experience.

Tips to learn Joomla: Developing and designing websites using Joomla is an easy process when one find the essential resources and tools. There are few tips to learn it fast and in easy way. Firstly getting the basics is most essential. The options that can be considered here are either getting a book manually or attending Joomla training sessions and conferences, workshops and even installing it and playing with it can be a self learning. This gives the initial foundation knowledge and then the trainer if we can find any can help in this regard and any doubts can be cleared through emails. These trainers or training sessions even though are costly can help us in saving time for the research at the initial phase can help in getting basic level knowledge.

Secondly, it is good to use what we have learnt. Rather than spending the time in the old products, if we can find there are new features provided in Joomla better start digging it and then use it. We need to play with it initially to know the advanced and additional functionality provided here and make use of it.
Thirdly, there are online resources to learn Joomla. Getting ourselves involved in various blogs, forums where we can see if there is a we can provide solution to other problems can explore our knowledge and even if we have any doubts can post in the respective forums. There are also some paid sites available where we can get solution to our problems on monthly basis. The videos available online provide good tutorial. There are some quality blogs and forums that are especially dedicated for the Joomla users for designing websites. Making use of these is a good practise.

Fourthly, Joomla Users almost come together in various places, as they form a group on social networking sites or even in industries where they organise seminars that can help us understand it better. Joomla User Groups often known as JUG meets every month at some time based on the flexibility where they discuss about the Joomla tools and useful extensions and about the latest information available.

Finally last but not the least tip is continued practise. Once we get out of it or take a break for few days it is really difficult to continue as sometimes we need to start from the initial levels. We can forget some of the skills and lose the track. So practising it regularly can help to learn Joomla quickly and easily. Even updating it regularly can help us know the easy tricks to design the Joomla websites and can even discover new ways by ourselves.

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Best tips for the proper use of Joomla CMS
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