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  3 Beginner SEO Tips

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PostSubject: 3 Beginner SEO Tips   Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:45 am

Beggining SEO users should acknowledge that it is an ongoing process that will take some time and full committment. The search engines are constantly on the vigil and constantly update their rules, and in order to stay ahead of the crowd you will need to optimize your site on a regular basis. Maintaining your site's rank is all about knowing what's working and what used to work. When your site reaches the top position in the search results, keep in mind that it won't stay there for long if you're not going to work on maintaining the rank. Besides that, you'll find that you're facing strong competition from a number of other websites. You must out do them in order to reach the top and keep yourself there. Although there are many ways to accomplish this task it is important to remember backlinks, keywords and content among the tops. Your committment to consistent optimization will also help you keep your rankings on the top once you get there. Fewer competitors will be found if you use targeted longtail keywords which will help you keep your site on top longer without touching it. If your target niche is in a competitive market you are likely to have alot of cometition which means it's super important for you to keep track of your rankings and improve them as necessary. Creating site content can be challenging, it is important to remember that you need to aim not only at your visitors interests but also the interests of the search engines. This process is the art of writing for the search engine and the consumer at the same time appeasing both using SEO copywriting. Completing an effective keyword search should be your first step in your SEO efforts. For best results, write your copy around the keywords you found in your search. Search engines do not rank keyword spam very highly which is what you will be accused of if you just stuff random keywords into your content. Keeping your keyword content down to between 3 and 5 percent and making sure your content makes perfect sense will increase your search engine rankings and have your visitors coming back for more.

Don't ignore the help that you can get from the search engines themselves. It is really in the search engines' best interest for you to improve your ranking, as this means you are providing more value, so they help you with some free resources. These are some surprisingly effective resources that can really help you improve your SEO efforts. Doing keyword research, for example, is essential if you are going to get anywhere with SEO. If you need help finding better keywords so you can rank more highly, just use Google's Keyword Tool. Many of the tools you can use online for free are actually superior to the high priced ones that people want to sell you. In conclusion SEO has been said to be the most efficient way to generate targeted traffic without losses.

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3 Beginner SEO Tips
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