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  Wii Accessories -- Watch Out for The New Xbox 360 Accessories to Come!

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PostSubject: Wii Accessories -- Watch Out for The New Xbox 360 Accessories to Come!   Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:29 am

The Nintendo Wii is rightly famous for its revolutionary philosophy of gameplay, and an important part of that perspective is accounted for by the unique Will Accessories available. They enhance the gaming experience like nothing else before, based on human kinetics to affect onscreen outcomes. Once the stuff of science fiction and comic books, Nintendo and its line of unique accessories have gone a long way towards blurring the interface between man and machine.

Wii accessories have developed a lot since the initial days of the original "nun chucks" included with the system. One of the most popular is a platform that resembles something of a bathroom scale for use with those games where the player's weight distribution is a factor, such as what occurs in boxing games and personal exercise software. This cleverest of all their accessories can also be used with games involving skateboarding action, surfing movements, skiing, and many other weight-based activities.

But perhaps the final word will belong to Microsoft, because many Xbox 360 Accessories have now adopted the Wii's style of gameplay and also offer motion sensing and feedback. Even more ominously, the most exciting of all Xbox 360 accessories - perhaps the ultimate accessory of our time - is due out within the next year or two, an "electronic eye" that's to be mounted separately from the console which, sensing user movements, provides data to the console, obliterating the need for even any controllers at all! Imagine playing videogames with nothing more than your own body and body movements!

This veritable magic eye that Microsoft has been developing - and promising will be available for sale soon enough - will even track eye movements to change point-of-view in a first-person shooter, say. Imagine Halo or Call of Duty or Medal of Honor without pesky controllers but with instead a light gun and your own body and your own eyes! As you turn right the screenshot reveals scenery to your right side, and as you turn left the panorama shifts with you!

So while the Wii has been nothing short of amazing, Xbox 360 accessories may have the last word on futuristic fun in the home. But as the two systems chase fairly distinct demographics - Microsoft wants the action-gaming crowd while Nintendo is catering to a more general audience - with different kinds of games, it's likely that each will succeed without having to prosper at the expense of its rival. And such a situation only bodes well for gamers as technology advances rapidly for even more immersive gaming.

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Wii Accessories -- Watch Out for The New Xbox 360 Accessories to Come!
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