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  Simple Exercises on How to Jump Higher for Volleyball

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PostSubject: Simple Exercises on How to Jump Higher for Volleyball   Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:43 am

Being a volleyball player means having to develop a good range of skills and abilities. However, among all these skills and abilities, jumping is one ability that you should not overlook. Come to think of it, if you are able to jump higher than all the other players, you will be able to execute more successful attacks. You would also be able to block more attacks from your opponents, making you not only an offensive machine, but a defensive one as well. It helps that you learn how to jump higher for volleyball so you can be among the most impressive players there are on the court.

Learning how to jump higher for volleyball does not necessarily mean locking yourself up on the gym to sweat out on all those expensive exercise machines. You can simply perform leg exercises that will help strengthen your leg muscles. For example, you can work on your quadriceps by doing leap ups. You can do this by standing with your fee shoulder-width apart. You will then need to bend down in a half squat then explode up into the air. See to it that you land with both of your knees flexed before repeating the jump.

You will also need to develop you calf muscles. You might think that calf raises are pretty simple things to do but this kind of exercise goes a long way in helping you improve your vertical jumping ability. To start, you will need to place the toes of one of your feet on the edge of a stair step. You will then need to either lift your other leg behind you or wrap it around your other leg. Raise your body using only your grounded foot until you are on your toes and then lower back your foot until it deeps below the stair step.

Another simple exercise that will help you learn how to jump higher for volleyball is through simulating jumping movements you do while you are on the court. For example, you can start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Using your arms, try to spring up into the air while bending your knees minimally. As you land, try to jump again as quickly as you can. The objective here is for you to jump up while having as little ground time as possible.

Doing these simple exercises can already help you much in learning how to jump higher for volleyball. Do these exercises properly and regularly and it will not be long until you notice that you can already jump higher than you used to.

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Simple Exercises on How to Jump Higher for Volleyball
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