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  LG Reveals an Impressive Unit With The LG 55LX6500 3D TV

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PostSubject: LG Reveals an Impressive Unit With The LG 55LX6500 3D TV   Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:46 am

3D technology has penetrated the cinema landscape and made lasting impressions. Therefore, it would make sense that similar technology would become extremely popular in the realm of home entertainment. That being said 3D television sets are set to revolutionize home entertainment and really take TV and movie viewing to the next level. In this 3D TV review, we'll examine th LG 55LX6500, an impressive LG 3D TV capable of taking advantage of the latest in home entertainment technology.

The LG 55LX6500 is a fifty five inch LED-LCD TV. This television is capable of delivering top quality 1080p high-definition with a refresh rate of 240hz. In addition, it is internet connectable, which means owners are able to connect the unit to the internet through the LAN input on the rear of the television. Through that connection, users can take advantage of several different content sites like: Netflix, YouTube, Yahoo!, and Skype.

The picture on the LG 55LX6500 is particularly realistic and crystal clear. The LED-LCD flat panel screen really pays dividends, with deep shades of black and bright hues that really accent several different types of movies. Everything from special effect driven blockbusters and cartoons to the latest dramas look better than many cinema screens. The 1080p and 240hz combine to give fast action a realistic appearance, allowing viewers to completely immerse themselves in sporting events that look as though they are being played right in the living room.

The LG 55LX6500 is also a 3D ready television. All that is needed to experience groundbreaking three dimensional effects in the home are a 3D capable Blu-Ray player and compatible 3D glasses. The LG AG-S100 3D Glasses, which retail for around $130 a pair, feature a rechargeable system for long lasting enjoyment and are compatible with the LG 55LX6500 HDTV. While the price of going 3D can seem a little on the pricey side, the technology is dazzling and may be even better than going to movies. The crisp effects really look great and the large screen of the LG 55LX6500 makes sure there is plenty of room for all the action.

The LG 55LX6500 features all the typical television options as well, including sleep timer, auto-shut off, four HDMI inputs, a USB port, and PC video input. All of those options bundled together make for an impressive television. Perhaps the best aspect of this particular television is that it seems designed to grow with a home theater system, which actually makes this unit more cost effective to own.

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LG Reveals an Impressive Unit With The LG 55LX6500 3D TV
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