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  How I Stopped Shoplifting At My Store

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PostSubject: How I Stopped Shoplifting At My Store   Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:46 am

Shoplifting is one of the types of crime that has experienced a drastic rise in frequency in the last few years. At my small retail store in south Florida this was also the case for us, we had a serious problem with theft and it seemed to be continually getting worse, regardless of the security measures that were in place. I'm telling my story in the hopes of helping other small business owners to avoid the same problems that very nearly put me out of business.

No matter what we tried, the shoplifting problem at my small discount retail outlet store continued for years. I'd heard that crime was on the rise in the area of south Florida where my business is located, but from all the information that I could gather it seemed to be disproportionally bad for us. We tried everything that we could think of to put a stop to it, installing a security system, having guard dogs in the store at night and even hiring a professional security guard didn't seem to slow it down at all. I was constantly questioning employees and ended up spending way to much time on trying to catch the thief or thieves responsible, instead of helping my business to grow.

After years of unsuccessfully trying to stop this problem, I decided to invest in a CCTV security camera system and things started to change almost immediately. In the first week after my new camera system was set up, we began to understand that the problem was even more widespread then we previously thought, it turns out that our shoplifting problem stemmed from two completely different sources.

One of the reasons for the shoplifting problem was because my employees were taking anything that was small enough to sneak out. I had already suspected that someone that worked for me was somehow involved in the thefts but was shocked to find out that actually almost all of them were stealing from me in volume. The other reason for so much lost merchandise, was because of a group of four teenagers that were surprisingly talented thieves. They worked quickly as a team, watching out for each other to make sure that they all had as much as they could carry with out looking suspicious.

Thankfully we'd finally found out what the problem was and now had video footage of the actual shoplifting. When I presented the video evidence to the local police, they quickly arrested the four youths and they were prosecuted. I fired all the employees that had been stealing from my store and most of them faced criminal charges as well. I only wish that someone had told me how beneficial the security camera system would be years ago, I could have prevented the loss of thousands of dollars worth of goods. This investment was well worth the money and next month when I open my second store the camera system will be operational and ready to go on day one.

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How I Stopped Shoplifting At My Store
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