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 Faraquet:The View From This Tower

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PostSubject: Faraquet:The View From This Tower   Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:28 am

Faraquet - The View From This Tower

Official Release Date : November 14, 2000

Label: Dischord

1. Cut Self Not
2. Carefully Planned
3. Fourth Introduction
4. Song For Friends to Me
5. Conceptual Separation
6. Study in Complacency
7. Sea Song
8. The View From This Tower
9. The Missing Piece

(doing a song to song review, short and sweet)

Cut Self Not
Faraquet oozes with talent on this track with a guitar style that I didn't know existed. While following the turn of the millennium alternative wave, these guys have jazzy roots that set them apart.

Carefully Planned
Similar guitar style, great rhythms. Vocals are the only weak point to this band, still sounds great.

Fourth Introduction
Stop/start style of drums, great bass lines. Showing off their talent yet again.
Stomping rhythm about mid way through this track, great build up.

Song For Friends To Me
Short track, has some brass action in the works. Great tones with their guitars on this track.

Conceptual Separation of Self
Slow track, sliding in and out of keys. Violin blends well with this track.

Study Complacency
Faster paced than most of their tracks. Decent vocals, crazy breakdown with nothing but a banjo haha. Deep jazz influence on these guys in this track.

Sea Song
Relaxing poppy beats give this track a great vibe. Moments of driving beats, then back into timeless jazz breakdowns.

The View From This Tower
This title track brings something different for their drum style, great synergy with the entire band on this track.

The Missing Piece
Relaxing, yet again showing a different style for their guitar lines. Faraquet really knows how to strut their stuff. Wonderful closer for an album.

Overall: Faraquet's music careers were cut short. Wrong place at the wrong time, or something like that. This band would have been HUGE I think if they would have came along a few years later but they didn't and now dwell in the seemingly endless vortex of "...this band should have been so much bigger/wish they were still around" discussions.


Cut Self Not(terrible sound quality but I guess it will have to do.)

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Faraquet:The View From This Tower
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