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  Is The London Tube Service Adequate For Disabled Travellers?

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PostSubject: Is The London Tube Service Adequate For Disabled Travellers?   Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:27 am

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The Transport for London group have apparently wasted more than 64 million pounds on a scheme which was intended to make seven tube stations accessible to both disabled passengers and pushchairs. The scheme has now collapsed and the money spent has amounted to no changes being implemented.

The final amount of money wasted due to the abandonment of the scheme has recently been revealed; the figures are quite shocking and illustrate the level of failure the scheme has reached.

It has been discovered that the Travel for London group spent around 39 million pounds as Shepherd's Bush tube station with an estimated 4.4 million for new lifts and the fees of the contractor reaching 22 million, even though all that actually got built were 2 empty lift shafts, only once building started did the full difficulties come to light.

Travel for London said in a statement: "Installing a lift at Shepherd's Bush station was always going to be costly and technically challenging because of the layout and condition of the below-ground station. Perhaps better planning would have helped travel for London understand the extent of the size of the project both money wise and development wise.

A little less advanced development has been stopped at six other tube stations since September last year due to Travel for London not having the money required to complete work. The work was stopped at this point "to avoid further impacting the customer environment and to avoid incurring unnecessary construction or reinstatement costs", explained Travel for London.

The scheme's collapse means that wheelchair users and parents with buggies will not have lift access to platforms as things remain now. There is of course the possibility that the projects could be restarted in the future however there are no immediate plans. This is a big blow to many people and the amount of money that has been spent on the project with no results is extremely disappointing.

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Is The London Tube Service Adequate For Disabled Travellers?
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