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 Pay by phone?

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PostSubject: Pay by phone?   Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:22 pm

To get a new donation way (EI: pay by phone) We need atleast $35 or over donations a month to keep it.. I'm not sure if thats CAD or USD.. If I get pay by phone how many of you will donate? Pay by Phone is: Its a program that allows you to order lets say a $20CAD item, well when you call in you have to do some stuff online (Should only take 3 minutes).. After that you put a code in and your donation/item has been bought.. The money is then charged to your phone bill.. Its really a smart idea,but we can only get it if we get more then $35 a month, paypal charges $35 a month to run it.. What do you guys think about this? Feel free to comment

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Pay by phone?
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