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 Member Rules

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-Megatron- ~ LT-Killa

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PostSubject: Member Rules   Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:15 am

If you are caught cheating you will be kicked out of the clan since we DO NOT cheat. Even if your on another server.

If you are caught using a glitch or showing others a glitch then you will be kicked.

3.Have Fun
We want you to have fun.

4.Don't Admin beg
You ask to be an admin then you will be ignored and you will have to wait longer to get it.

5.Don't abuse your admin powers
If you are an admin and abuse your power then you will be stripped of it and maybe kicked out of the clan.

6.Come To The Website Daily
We need every member to check the website daily.. New posts and few features will be added and we want the members to know about it.. I can tell if you don't log in...

7.Sign up on GameTracker
We need every member to sign up on gametracker so we can get more people to look at our website. Click on GameTracker below.

8. Sign up on GameBattle
More members we get on here the better chance we have on getting more members with the more matches we win.Click on GameBattle below.

EVERY member must listen to the leader of the clan and the admins <- Not if the admins ask to much of you or personal info

Every member needs to be on teamspeak while they play unless -Megatron says other wise..

11.Clan Tag
EVERY member must have the tag on while playing or on xfire... Failure to do so will result in a warning then a kick out of the clan.. Your apart of a clan, you might aswell show it.

12.Multi Clanning
NO member is allowed to be in more then 1 clan.. If you are caught you will be kicked out of =EF=.

When talking to an admin, CALM DOWN!!!

DO NOT recruit our members, if you decide to leave and are trying to take one of our members with you, you will be banned from EVERYTHING!!!

Rules will be added without warning
Have fun members and thanks for reading!

*EXTRA*(Only if -Megatron- says so)
Come to this link at gamebattle and make an account when you are done contact me and I'll add you to the list(Must be your COD5 name)..
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Member Rules
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